Automotive Services

Lost or stolen car keys can be a stressful time; our team aim to have you back on the road as fast as possible. We can create keys for a large range of vehicles from our mobile vans. As our vans are fully equipped to complete the work onsite, often we can have you back on the road faster and at a better cost than many car dealers. 

We also work closely with many insurance companies, ensuring a hassle free transaction.

Transponder Keys

Transponders are a small glass or carbon chip hidden inside the head of your vehicle key; they are completely separate from the remote part of your key (locking/unlocking buttons). Some transponder keys may not even have a remote. Your transponder sends a message to the vehicles computer system and this determines if the correct key is being used before allowing the vehicle to start.

Transponder keys became more common in vehicles from the mid 2000’s, however vehicle manufactures started using transponder systems in some vehicles from the late 1990’s.

If you are unsure if your key has a transponder, we can test your key instore for no charge.  

We can help you:

  • Locked out 
  • Lost/Stolen keys – including transponder & proximity 
  • Replace broken remote shells 
  • Replacement remotes for factory installed central locking
  • Repair of door or ignition locks
  • Rekeying of locks